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The Extravagantly Amazing, Superior To All Others Ed Hearn Interview

I was fortunate enough to speak with Ed Hearn a short time ago.  Ed is one of those guys I like to call a "Master Storyteller."  He's got that southern-ish accent.  The deep-ish voice.  The best-friend-of-yours feeling.  Talk to him for five minutes and you feel like you've known him your whole life.

I haven't known Ed your whole life.  Mine either.  But we did spend 45 minutes on the phone talking about his start in the game, his call-up to the Mets in 1986 as Gary Carter's backup, the infamous trade (from a KC Royals perspective) for David Cone, his injuries and how he had to walk away from the game he loved so much.  Then we talked about Life.  About feeling down.  About getting sick.  About getting so close to ending it all that you find yourself in the basement with a gun in your hand.  Which led to Ed's amazing ability to overcome it all.  Not just the doubts.  But the failed kidney transplant.  The cancer.  The second failed kidney transplant.  The medicine and doctor bills. 

How'd he do it?  You've got to hear it from him.  He tells the stories much better than I can.

He's now an accomplished author ("Conquering Life's Curves") and motivational speaker.  Go here to find out more:

Want to see some video of Ed in action as a speaker?  It's great stuff.  Go here:

Don't think to yourself that this'll be depressing.  Au contraire, it will be fun.  So put your feet up, put the TV on mute, and listen away.  Here's arguably the best interview so far on the Jimmy Scott's High & Tight website.  Arguably. 


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