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I'm Still Here

By Jimmy Scott - Posted on 30 September 2010

I just haven't had anything to say.  My book project is dead.  I killed it.  Was writing and writing and then something just clicked and I said, "Who cares?"  When nobody answered, I had my answer.  Get it?  Yes, I'm still very deep.

I got a request the other day from somebody who has something to do with Rod Carew to maybe do something.  A year ago I would have jumped out of my slacks at the opportunity.  Now, I'm not so sure what I'd have to add to this Hall of Famer's story.  Conceivably nothing. 

So I think and listen and sit back, assessing the world.  I'm like a guy in a monastery, only mine has better bathrooms and this guy hasn't taken any vows of poverty or celibacy.  My wife is too pretty for that. 

Instead, I ponder the questions brought up by the baseball world.  I listen to the media and let my contempt for them grow.  It's not their fault.  You have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week to fill.  But when rumors and hearsay become headlines, I question if I want any part of that.  "My sources..."  Your sources.  Either you're making them up, which I don't think the baseball media does (this is baseball, not politics), or you're talking to people who are throwing their clients and organizations under the bus.  Confidentiality isn't allowed anymore in the game.  Not when Twitter needs to be fed; not when sports radio needs a soundbyte (by the way, in New York, you'd think it was football season: J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets).

I'm rambling.  Don't let me continue.  It's negative.  Is that something you want in your life?  Something negative?  I guess only if you take two negatives.  When they meet, they become a positive. 

Ohh, I just blinded you with science.

Take care.  We'll talk soon.  Maybe.

- Jimmy

Dude, I'm sorry to hear of your malaise (being a professional scribe, I had to throw in some fancy literary proof). Hopefully your fans will bear with the strange year that will be forever known as 2010. Take heart! The off-season is a mere three days hence. After a winter of renewal (re-invention?), you can start afresh come Opening Day 2011.

I empathize with your contempt for the media, which these days can include any fan with a camera phone and BlogSpot account. (It's called "new media.") And let's not forget, the press corps alone cannot be held at fault. How does one define legitimate sources or editorial standards in the age of Huffington Post, Twitter and 38 Pitches? Worse yet, in our current culture of "reality TV," how does one discern where the electronic persona ends and human being in the flesh begins?

FWIW, our personal interactions seem to be predominated by tweets, status updates, tweets, comments, Facebook photos and YouTube videos. And I believe these convenient channels for staying "in touch" can lead to a slippery slope. The more we rely on "Super-pokes" and "Send Gifts" to express an opinion, the more we distance ourselves from thoughts and feelings other than our own. For example, while it might be a personal statement, clicking on a "Cause" is a quip, not a commitment. I'm not saying all interactions must be face-to-face, sweaty handshake and all that. Just that the meaningful ones require a bit more sharing than clicking the "Share" button.

At any rate, get-well-soon wishes to your spirit my friend. My absence on your website does not equate to your absence in my thoughts. Love, as always. . .BeesGal

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