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Jimmy Scott's High & Tight: The Doug Glanville Interview

By Jimmy Scott - Posted on 22 December 2008

Over my years, I've spoken to lots of people around Major League Baseball.  Doug Glanville is one of the most impressive.  He was a speedy outfielder, swiping 34 bags (Everything I Ever Learned About Cliches I Learned From Watching MLB On FOX) in his career year of 1999.  He could play defense (didn't make an error his final 3 seasons).  And, this #12 pick overall in the 1991 MLB Draft also hit .1000 in the 2003 NLCS while playing with the Chicago Cubs.  A New Jersey-native who got to spend his best years with his beloved Philadelphia Phillies, who knew what Doug would be able to accomplish once his playing career was over?

Maybe Doug did.  He is smart; smart as a whip (which I understand can be quite intelligent).  He runs one business, GK Alliance, with his best friend from middle school (who's not still in middle school) and also is in the midst of writing his first book, influenced by his own contributions to theNew York Times.  Want to read some interesting takes on The Baseball Life?  Read this and this by Doug Glanville.

I've posted a lot ofinterviews, but this may be the most insightful.  Care to sit back and listen to one of baseball's smartest alums talk about a bad free agency, how it feels to be traded, and why some guys use(d) performance enhancers?  Then get yourself a Shasta, put your feet up, and listen to Jimmy Scott's High & Tight: The Doug Glanville Interview.  This might be one of the highlights of your week.


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WSBGM's has been around for 3 seasons now, and we've always wanted Glanville to be the GM. He's so smart that he makes other people around him smarter via osmosis.

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