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Jimmy Scott's High & Tight: The Brian Boehringer Interview #2

By Jimmy Scott - Posted on 02 March 2009

Our good friend Brian Boehringer has come back.  And he's come back strong.  Not from injury.  No, you'll soon here that a problem shoulder from earlier this decade is still a problem shoulder today.  No, Brian has come back with some thoughts; with some opinions.  Brian has some things he wants to get off of his chest.  We're the benficiaries.

I first spoke with Brian back in November.  You can (and should) hear our interview HERE.  It was a semi-typical interview for a spell.  We were talking about his years with the Yankees, how he was chosen by the (then) Devil Rays in the '97 expansion draft and immediately traded to the Padres.  We got into his next stint with the Yankees before a trade to the Giants, free agency to the Pirates, injury and the end of his career.  And he talked about how he was "bitter."  About what?  About his agent.  Sorry, ex-agent.  He talked about the bitterness.  And then we moved on.  And then he came back to it.  And we all got a first-hand account of how the player and agent relationship can quickly fly south once the ballplayer's potential for high income generation dries up.

So when Brian called me recently, I was unsure if he wanted to talk more about his former relationship with his agent.  We'd done that.  What else was there to say?  Well, a few things since I'd spoken to his agent and gotten his side of the story a little while back.  He wanted to know about my conversation.  That was fine, but I wanted to know about some other things. 

In looking at Brian's career, it became apparent that he played with some major players of the so-called "Steroid Era" we may or may not still be living in.  Ken CaminittiAndy PettitteRoger ClemensBarry Bonds.  Brian Boehringer played with all four guys.  Did he see them use performance enhancers?  Did Brian use them?  Where could he get them?  I, just like you, wanted to know.

Then there's Alex Rodriguez and the Joe Torre book (really a Tom Verducci book with quotes from Joe Torre), "The Yankee Years."  Did Brian read it?  What did he think about A-Rod & the book and the admission of guilt, in terms of steroid use?  He definitely had his opinions on this subject too.

Wanna hear them?  You can.  Just click below.  You'll also grow to understand a little bit more about MLB players and their money post-career.  You'll hear Brian talk about his painful right shoulder.  And yes, he talks a little bit more about agents and the conflicts of interest he perceives (not necessarily incorrectly) when one agent handles more than one player of the same position. 

Jimmy Scott's High & Tight: the Brian Boehringer Interview #2 is a must-listen if you want to hear how an ex-pitcher of the 90s (don't forget, he's got a big ring from playing with the World Champion '96 Yankees and a smaller ring from his days with the '98 NL pennant-winning Padres) dealt with his place in the game, a game run by powers far out of his control and dominated by stars with talent he was never destined to have.  He's a fascinating character. 

Throw on your earbuds, or tape your speakers to the sides of your head, and listen to Brian Boehringer and his specially selected soundtrack.  You'll be glad you did.


Billy Joel - Pressure, Everybody Loves You Now, Captain Jack

Don Henley - Everybody Knows, The End of The Innocence, The Boys of Summer

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven, Going To California, When The Levee Breaks

Derek & The Dominoes - Layla

The Cars - Moving In Stereo

Phil Collins - The West Side

The Who - Emminence Front

The Police - Darkness

Harry Connick Jr. - It Had To Be You

Pink Floyd - Us & Them

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