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Gabrielle Schoeneweis: The Sad & Tragic News

By Jimmy Scott - Posted on 21 May 2009

This hurts me more than Nick Adenhart's death from last month.  I did not know Nick Adenhart.  I did know Gabrielle Schoeenweis.  For those who didn't know, Gabrielle was found dead today by her 14 year old daughter.  Her husband, Scott Schoeneweis, has pitched for six different teams.  Right now, he's an Arizona Diamondback.  Right now, he's a widower.

I never met Gabrielle face-to-face.  Our relationship was not close by any means.  But we did speak on the telephone and trade emails.  She agreed to an interview last fall, right after her husband's New York Mets team blew another first place lead at the end of a second consecutive season; right after her husband gave up a game-winning home run to a Marlins team that sent the Mets home for a second consecutive season.  She had no fear of speaking to me.  Quite the contrary.  She was lively.  She was fun.  As we spoke, her husband was sitting nearby.  I could tell she'd look at him as she spoke to me.  I could tell she loved him very much.

She also loved her children with all of her heart.  When Scott gave up the last home run, Gabrielle was in the hospital after giving birth.  Scott, to his credit, didn't use his family concerns as an excuse.  He accepted his fate as scapegoat.  Gabrielle, to her credit, talked candidly about what happened.  She talked about meeting Scott.  She talked about dating and falling in love.  She talked about their plans and about being a mother.  She talked about their family.

It might be eerie to some; to others it might be a tribute.  If you want to listen to Gabrielle's interview on Jimmy Scott's High & Tight, you may.  You can hear Part I HERE.  You can hear Part II HERE.  You can hear Part III HERE.

There are four children without a mother tonight.  It doesn't matter that Scott is a millionaire and it doesn't matter that the children will be set financially for life.  Because right now, they are going to grow up in a one-parent household.  They don't care their dad pitches in the big leagues right now.  All they care about is their mother is gone, longer than any road trip their father would ever take.  That is the tragedy here.  That is the damn shame of this all.

If you pray, please say a prayer for those children.  If you don't pray, take a silent moment for the children.  They aren't special because of who their dad is or who their mom was.  They're special because they are children.  They are the ones who need to be in our thoughts tonight.  I ask that if you ever do anything for me, you think of them tonight.



May god be with all of you and your family and it says be careful of nothing through prayer supplication and thanksgiving let your requests be known unto god. The lord will be there just let him. Take care of your love ones cause there all we got. mm.

In light of today's release that she died due to her abuse of cocaine makes me even sadder for their children but please let's remove the halo from her head.

@ Sparky: The article was to the point and well written. Refreshingly, the subject, though sports related, was not dominated by Scott. Clearly if any of the writing on this page is in poor taste, it's your own. The mention of their mother's passing and of their father's road trips acts as a way in which we can reflect on the difference between a fan's view of the Schoeneweis family and the children's view.
What was the cause of death? There's no test for lab results that would take this long to determine. Why is there absolutely NOTHING in the media about cause of death? The total lack of information is totally bizarre. If anyone has heard anything, please post.
Every single time I get online and search for information about Gabrielle I get more and more disgusted. I don't care about Scott or his impressive resume. I really could care less that he survived cancer. I dont want to watch a video about Scott either. I want real information about Gabrielle. Why isnt anyone talking about HER and what an amazing person she was? Why arent there photos and videos of her? Talking smack about her is just taking things way too far. I didnt know Scott but what I have heard about him doesnt make me desire an introduction. Lots of Love to Gabrielle's family in Dallas, her beautiful children and the people who loved HER.
As a friend of Gabby's & a baseball wife I never reply to any comments but I can't sit here & read these negative things about Jimmy's article that was wonderfully written and has been passed around to many who were close to Gabby . Their reaction was the same as my may not make sense to someone who hasn't lived the life but it's a fitting article -that I still haven't been able to finish reading w/o breaking down to my husband who's on the road (or been able to bring myself to listen to part 2 & 3 of her interview).For the family & friends sake don't post anything negative, they are coming here to read this for comfort.Please pray for strength for Scott and their precious little ones.
Sparky, you're right. You are an idiot. My condolences to all the family and friends affected.
to the Schoeneweis family. And to you, Jimmy. I know your time with Gabrielle, albeit short, meant something special to you, personally. Beyond appreciating her no-holds-barred willingness to talk about what it's like to be a "baseball wife," I got the impression she was a person who'd touched your heart. I know you hoped for the Schoeneweis family's happiness, against very sobering statistics on failure rate of sports marriages. Even had their marriage gone the way of divorce, at least her four children would still have their mom. Scott would be able to have lunch and/or a phone call with the mother of his children. This brings up another tragedy of the baseball life. I hope Scott doesn't beat himself up too much about ever-present hazard of being a "baseball husband"--not being not around when your family needs you. Take care my friend. Give Vanessa and the girls a great big hug today, and be grateful for what you have. Your friend in peace, love and baseball. .BeesGal
I went from bookmarking your site because it looked interesting to removing the bookmark after I read this: "It might be eerie to some; to others it might be a tribute. If you want to listen to Gabrielle's interview on Jimmy Scott's High & Tight, you may. You can hear Part I HERE. You can hear Part II HERE. You can hear Part III HERE." Not to be rude but did you have a few beers before you wrote this? I don't know you or the lady that died from Adam's house-cat. So I'm not busting your balls. I just thought it was in poor taste. Really poor taste. And this " All they care about is their mother is gone, longer than any road trip their father would ever take. " Are you serious, or is that a bad joke? Longer than any road trip the father would ever take? Dude thats the most tasteless article I have read in a long time. I think you were trying to be sincere but maybe it came out wrong. Im just one idiot with an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. So take it for what its worth. Not much.

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