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The Irreverent Bill Lee Interview

Bill Lee pitched for the Red Sox and Expos in the 70s, including the 1975 World Series, and has  stories to tell.  My, does he have stories.  You should listen to them.  He also has this accent.  At first you think it's a mountain man accent, derived from some old episode of Grizzly Adams.  But then you listen more and it's simply the accent of an old California surfer-dude who just happens to own and work on a farm he owns in Vermont. 

My lesson from the Bill Lee interview?  When your playing career is over, the best thing to do is to keep playing.  "I'm in my 62nd year of professional baseball," Bill said.  Not a bad lesson at all, especially if you like the game.

So listen.  You're gonna like this one.

By the way, if you'd like to find out more about what Bill is doing these days, go to The Old Bat Co website. There are some cool pictures of Bill and some interesting facts about maple bats. Seriously, go there. This isn't a request.

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