All The Facts About Scott Tucker There is To Know

There is more than one Scott Tucker on this planet so let’s not confuse this article to be about the artistic director from choral arts called Scott Tucker or the Author From Truthdig with this name – this article is about racing driver Scott Tucker.

Scott tucker is a man that lives in Kansas City, He is a racing car driver and champion who owns several sports car and his own racing team.


More information about Mr Scott Tucker

Born: born May 5, 1962 in Kansas City, Missouri

Racing Competitions:

  1. Ferrari Challenge
  2. Rolex Sports Car Series
  3. American Le Mans Series
  4. United Sports Car Championship
  5. 24 Hours of Le Mans




Scott Tucker Video’s:

Description of video above: LVL 5 Motorsports Practice at Road America 2013

Link to original video


Scott Tucker Payday Loans

There has been several allegations going around about Mr Tucker and his supposed involvement in the payday loan industry, Several of the larger news outlets have covered this story and currently there is legal action on-going regarding this matter.


The Scott Tucker Lawsuit

As stated above Mr Tucker is currently facing legal investigation against him regarding a supposed involvement in the payday loan industry. The case is still on-going and has been for a few years now.


Should Scott Tucker Face Indictment?

This is a question that has been asked by users on the internet and that isn’t for anyone but the legal system to decide.


Does Scott Tucker Facebook?

Scott tucker currently has a Facebook page which can be found here.


A few final things about Tucker

Scott Tucker Racing Driver

At the minute Scott tucker is facing an investigations from the feds (federal trade commission) and possible legal (lawsuit) action – When the feds launch investigation against tucker a few years ago for something to do with payday lending and because of his payday loans tucker had a lot of publicity regarding this saying he drew an elaborate facade and that he may face indictment.

Why was this page written? – This page was created to give you (the reader) some useful information about Mr Tucker.

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Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight Greatest Interviews: Rollie Fingers

6You figure that when you speak to a Hall of Famer, the guy is supposed to be like the pope or a saint. There are so few of them, there must be something oddly special and strange about them. You figure you’re going to stutter and shake and sweat and have no business breathing the same air as the man who is such a huge part of baseball history. Because you love baseball and because you love its history and because this guy did things that you could never conceivably do, he’s a deity. He’s royalty. He’s a god on earth, walking amongst the common folk. He’s in the Hall of Fame. He’s got to be different.

Then you talk to Rollie Fingers. And you listen. And you realize he’s not that at all. Sure, he’s in the Hall of Fame and sure, he was a great, great pitcher who won three World Series in a row. Yeah, this is the guy with the mustache and the history with Charlie Finley and Reggie & Sal & Catfish & Vida & the list goes on. But his voice… He’s a regular guy. You know what? You listen and you realize he’s just like you. His job was different, but beyond that, he’s a guy who’s been married and had kids and had “regular” jobs just like you and me. And you think to yourself, I like this guy.

The Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight Interview with Rollie Fingers is special, not just because Rollie is a Hall of Famer. It’s special because Rollie’s a genuinely likeable man. If you read the book he just wrote with Yellowstone Ritter, Rollie’s Follies: A Hall of Fame Revue of Baseball Stories and Stats, Lists and Lore, you’ll get an even better sense of the man and his sense of humor. Why should you buy his book? Read the REVIEW HERE. Then, when you’re done reviewing and buying, listen to Rollie and enjoy yourself. Here’s what happened when we spoke:

Part I

Rollie’s Follies – Why did he write it? How did he and co-author Yellowstone Ritter put the book together? The Evolution of The Closer.

Part II 14:30

The Head – the mindset – of the relief pitcher. Learning how to pitch. Who the best pitching coach in the world is (here’s a surprise answer). Some of your questions.

Part III 26:00

Being a first-time free agent. His relationship to former A’s owner Charlie Finley. More of your questions, including if the game is too serious today. The difference between his first and second free agent periods. His last contract. The End of his career.

Part IV 37:00

Was he glad to be done or did he want to keep playing? What has he done over the last 24 years? Love & marriage & kids & money.

My little sentences above to fully reflect the depth Rollie goes into. Nor do they show the fun. What you’re going to hear is a regular 62 year old guy who just happened to be a great Major League pitcher 30 years ago. Other than that, you can hear his voice and imagine him being your neighbor or a nice guy you accidentally bumped into at the supermarket. Listen. You’ll sense that too.

It’s time now to sit back and listen to Rollie Fingers, pitcher, author, husband, father and all-around good ole guy. You’ll be glad you did.

A Contest For You, If You’re Interested

5Not too long ago, I had some dealings with a young fella named Jake Sasseville, who’s the host of an independently produced TV show that used to be called The Edge With Jake Sasseville. Guess what? It ain’t called that anymore. Now the show is called Late Night Republic. One of his sponsors is Pringles, which is not a chip. It is a crisp. That needs to be clear. Call Pringles a chip in some countries and the local governments torture you with Lays and Frito-brand snack foods in small, confined spaces (as opposed to the large, confined spaces many of us are more accustomed to during torture).

I’m lost…

Um, oh yes. Pringles and Late Night Republic are hosting a contest for funny humans. In order to qualify, one must be human. If that’s you, then read on. Because here’s your semi-big chance to become known, to be loved, to receive adolation and the benefits only a contest hosted by a large crisp company can provide.

Rather than say what the contest is in my own words, which would take effort, here’s the contest in the words of a fine agency human who represents Pringles. This person reached out to me and axed if I would fill you in on the contest. I said what’s in it for met? She didn’t respond. She just sent me the info. So, assuming there’s nothing in it for me, here is the contest you have always wanted to enter. Enjoy:


Your antics may have friends ROTFL but do you have what it takes to get late night host, Jake Sasseville, doubled over with belly-ravaging laughter? To celebrate Xtreme Pringles crisps, Pringles and Jake Sasseville are hosting the ultimate sketch comedy contest, giving fans the chance to showcase their talents and enter to win one of a few grand prizes. Get ready to upload 90 seconds minutes of the funniest, most xtreme stuff you’ve got starting 8/2/10. Lucky entries will be chosen by Jake to be featured on his show and or win a VIP sketch comedy experience in NY. Get your camera and a few friends and start filming now!

A Glove Of Their Own – Roadtrip To The Little League World Series


The Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania has announced that the authors and chief marketing offficer around the award-winning book, A Glove Of Their Own, will be appearing at the museum during this year’s Little League World Series, August 20-22. Actually, the museum itself didn’t make the announcement. It’s impossible for a large structure that is not living and has no vocal chords to make sound, aside from your traditional creaks and bumps in the night due to natural settling. So, really, it was an unnamed spokesperson who made this announcement. “Apologies for leading you on,” said a spokesperson for the spokesperson of the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. “Our intention was not for you to take us so literally. But you did. Mea culpa.”

“Also, when I said ‘the authors and chief marketing officer around the award-winning book, A Glove Of Their Own, will be appearing,’ I don’t want you to think the word ‘appearing’ means they’ll be doing some sort of show, like fire juggling or a 45-minute song and dance routine inspired by ‘Pippin.’ I don’t think they’ve ever seen ‘Pippin’ and am unsure if anyone knows anything about that show other than its ridiculous name. I mean seriously, what is a ‘Pippin’?”

The spokesperson’s spokesperson, who is quite tall for a dwarf, continued droning away, stating that authors Debbie Moldovan and Keri Conkling and CMO Bob Salomon will not be appearing out of the blue either. “They will most likely walk here. You won’t see a huge PUFF of purple smoke and hear a collective, ‘Whoa, there they are!’ That’s about as possible as a building speaking for itself. They’ll get here on their own and then sign books and mingle. That point in time is an appearance, by definition, and those making the appearance are appearing, in this case two authors and that other guy.”

4Co-headling with Moldovan, Conkling and Salomon, neither of whom have ever been indicted, will be former MLB pitcher Dick “No Rocky IV Jokes, Please” Drago, who doesn’t like to be referred to as the brother of Rocky’s nemesis, Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV, played in the film by Dolph Lundgren. “I’ve never met Mr. Lundgren, nor Mr. Stallone,” said Drago. “Although I do understand they’re appearing together in a new film called ‘The Expendables’ right after this huge PUFF of onscreen purple smoke.”

In a separate announcement, the spokesperson’s spokesperson’s spokesperson wanted you all to know Charles Dickens will not be signing copies of A Tale of Two Cities that same weekend.

I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)

1Poor K-Rod.  Baby hurt his thumb beating somebody up.  Poor Roger.  Baby’s feelings were hurt.  We have two cases here of people who, if they had followed the old adage, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me,” might not be facing criminal charges today.

K-Rod, alias Francisco Rodriguez, should have thought before hitting his common-law wife’s father.  Whether Frankie slipped afterward and tore ligaments in his thumb or messed the large digit up during the alleged pounding, the real issue is he never should have been in that predicament in the first place.  It’s not just K-Rod who should have known better.  It’s the wife of his children.  It’s the man allegedly beaten up.  It’s K-Rod’s mother.  Everyone should have been aware of these thoughts:

1.  K-Rod is making millions of dollars and was/is contractually obligated to earn many more millions over the next couple of years.


2.  Any action the young man took to jeopardize those many millions should have probably been avoided.


3.  Trickle down economics.  Even if the girlfriend/common-law-wife and K-Rod broke up tomorrow, unless there’s some sort of pre-nup for people who aren’t married, the common-law status of the woman entitled/entitles her to millions of those dollars, some of which would land in the pockets of her father.

So what’s going to happen?  My crystal ball says:

1.  K-Rod will still be pitching for the Mets in 2011.  Nothing goes right for that organization these days.  They’d love to shed the contract.  Which means they’re stuck with it.  He’ll still make his money.  Oh, and he’ll still show periods of greatness.  And some periods of not-so-goodness.

2.  K-Rod will get probation of some sort, do 150 hours of community service and move on.

3.  He’ll be served a civil suit by the father-in-law and settle.  The millions will end up in making their way around lawyers now as well.

2Then there’s Roger Clemens.  He was served an indictment on August 19th for allegedly lying to Congress when he testified in front of them back in 2008.

Here’s a guy who had it all.  Gorgeous wife, athletic kids, many, many millions of dollars, millions of fans, a home, healthy, and a nice Hummer courtesy of Los Yankees.  His image was of a man who worked hard during his career.  He was an incredible competitor, intense, and was incredibly successful because of that attitude.

It all came crashing down with The Mitchell Report.

Once he was named, Roger Clemens took the opposite route of Andy Pettitte, who admitted the allegations were true and is basically unscathed these days (we can’t blame his groin problem on HgH).  Even A-Rod, later, admitted he used.  Since, he’s won a World Series and hit his 600th home run.  His reputation is more soiled than Pettitte’s, but Yankees Stores are still selling Alex Rodriguez shirts to young kids and Fifth Avenue business men.

But Roger…  Oh, Roger.  That pigheaded stubborness has gotten him in way deep.  You don’t want to piss off Congress, which he did.  You don’t really want to go head-to-head against them.  Politics is power, moreso than money, because you need money to survive in politics.  You need a huge ego to survive in politics.  You need a competitive spirit to lead you past anyone who tries to beat you.  The people responsible for indicting Roger Clemens are versions of Roger Clemens who never wore pinstripes.  Do you think the folks in Congress don’t know how to fight?  Do you think they don’t have the drive that Clemens has to win this fight?  If you do, if he does, then you’re all wrong.  This will be a big fight.  It’s going to drag on for a year, maybe two or three years.  Congress is going to spend millions on this battle.  Clemens will spend millions as well.

Who’s going to win?

In a way, Congress already has.  Roger Clemens is a punchline now.  In the court of public opinion, there’s enough circumstantial evidence to shed doubt on the man’s mound legacy.  Yes, he was great.  One of the best of all-time.  Maybe he got some help via the needle.  Even if we’re not sure, we believe that it’s possible.  In our world, that’s a conviction.  He won’t serve time in jail.  But his retirement years won’t be what he’d hoped.

Roger Clemens and K-Rod – two men fighting the law.  It’s already won.