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I don't want to publicly state that I'm one of the best right-handed pitchers of all-time.  I'll just think that.  Instead, I'll state in a public forum that my 330 wins, 4000+ strikeouts, 2 no-hitters and 3 championship rings put me in elite company.  The top of my resume says A Great One.  I think that's a proper heading, don't you?

I'm Still Here

I just haven't had anything to say.  My book project is dead.  I killed it.  Was writing and writing and then something just clicked and I said, "Who cares?"  When nobody answered, I had my answer.  Get it?  Yes, I'm still very deep.

By Cassidy Dover: "Home"

We have lived in our house for over 8 years.  When we realized we had enough money to put down on a home, we chose a location where Ray could train year round.  We knew we’d be far from family, but also knew, from our life, that planes can take you wherever you need to go!  So, Ray had a road trip to the city we chose coming up.  I planned to go two days earlier and to meet with a friend who was also a realtor.  We had gotten pre approved because, at that time, it

By Cassidy Dover: "Torn"

The way our family has chosen to live, can be difficult at times.  I mean, Ray is in another city than Sheridan and I are.  For the most part the difficulty is that we miss him.  I may get tired of being on my own a lot, but really it’s more of an emotional difficulty than anything else.  Yet, what happens when something happens to Ray?  I mean, when that phone rings and the person on the other end of the phone says, “Mrs.

I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)

Poor K-Rod.  Baby hurt his thumb beating somebody up.  Poor Roger.  Baby's feelings were hurt.  We have two cases here of people who, if they had followed the old adage, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me," might not be facing criminal charges today. 

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