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Part III - Sports Nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield On How Baseball Stars Can Improve Performance Without Steroids

By Jimmy Scott - Posted on 14 February 2009

I'm late.  No, not in the way a woman says it when she and her man (or donor) did some things that lead to a baby, or babies, or octuplets.  I'm not late for a class, like in school.  I'm not late for work.  Technically, free agents are unemployed.  I'm not late for an appointment because there's nowhere for me to go right now.  And I'm not, as Def Leppard sang, too late for love.  I'm late right now for one thing and one thing only:

Posting, for all to see, my love for Part III of the guest posting by the Official Jimmy Scott's HIgh & Tight Sports Nutritionist, Rebecca Scritfield.  So here goes.  I love Part III.  It's in my heart.  It's in my soul.  It's in my bowels.  Yuck.  But, it is a part of me, this Part III, and I didn't want to let go.   But if you love somebody, or somebody's guest blog post, set it free.  On St.. Valentine's Day, 2009, I say this to you:

If you need somebody, call my name
If you want someone, you can do the same
If you want to keep something precious
You got to lock it up and throw away the key
If you want to hold onto your possession
Don't even think about me

I mean it.  Oh, I could have said this:

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you

But I wouldn't have meant it.  I only want to let you know what I mean. 

As an aside, did you know that "Every Breath You Take" is a song sung by a stalker?  It's not really a love song.  It's a stalker song disguised as a love song.

I would never disguise myself from you.  I am Jimmy Scott.  This is my site, Jimmy Scott's High & Tight.  And today, I will no longer waste your precious "lovin'" time with words some Englishman wrote.  I will waste your time with words some American sports nutritionist wrote.  Of course I'm kidding!  The official Sports Nutritionist of Jimmy Scott's High & Tight, Rebecca Scritchfield, is no slouch.  No slouch indeed.

So, let us suck in our guts, roll back our shoulders, stop slouching and get ready to get healthy.  Because it's time for Part III of How Baseball Stars Can Improve Performance Without Steroids.  You can check out Part I and Part II first, then come back here for Part III.  Part III completes Parts I & II.  Kind of like you complete me.  I'm wiping tears from my eyes.  Leave me alone.  With that in mind,take it away Ms. Becka:

Rebecca J. Scritchfield, RD, LD

Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Expert

ACSM Health Fitness Specialist


Three Things Star Baseball Players Should Do to Improve Performance (Not Steroids)

Okay, okay. I could not resist zinging A-Rod and baseball in general for the steroids debacle. It just amazes me how “the little things” that can improve performance and not land you in the unemployment line or jail can be overlooked.  


A brief introduction.. My name is Rebecca Scritchfield. Food and fueling is my business. I practice sports nutrition and weight management in Washington, D.C. and I’ll be on “High and Tight” March 2nd. In the meantime, I look forward to a conversation on this blog post about the real “natural performance enhancer” – food.


It’s spring training in the baseball world and that means it’s time for players to ditch the habits they picked up in the off season – what I like to call “black winter”. It’s especially tough for baseball players. They finish the season and land in the holiday warpath – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah, New Years… Chances are, players put on “a few pounds”. There isn’t much to worry about developing a “winter layer” – as long as you shed it in the spring. Otherwise, you could have a case of “creeping obesity” on your hands. That’s the extra 2-5 pounds each year that never seem to come off and before you know it, you’re tipping the scales.  

So, naturally… the first thing players should do come spring training is go on a diet to lose that weight. Right? That’s what usually happens and you might be surprised to learn that it’s wrong. In fact, it is performance sabotage. Players are going to need to eat more food to have energy for their grueling practices and exercise sessions.


Last, but not least… if you want to enhance performance the natural way…


Practice Recovery Nutrition


This is a big one because it can really have an impact on training improvements, game-day performance, and injury prevention. In season players have it tough – back-to-back games is the norm. When you have a day (or less) between games, practices, and exercise recovery nutrition is key. You can’t ignore it. Athlete who practice good recovery nutrition are less sore – so they can give workouts and games their “all” – and they stand to gain the most benefit (increased muscle, endurance) from their hard work.


Essentially, there’s about an hour window after exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes for recovery nutrition. This is when you replace some carbs that was lost during exercise. Protein helps the muscles pull in carbs and prevents your tired body from using muscle protein for energy. Because you usually don’t feel like eating a lot right after a game, try drinking your calories. Lowfat chocolate milk is proving to be a top recovery drink because it has the 4:1 carb to protein ratio – and it tastes good too! Smoothies work well too if you can get some blenders back there in the club house. Even something simple like a banana and dried apricots and string cheese will get you on your way. The potassium in these fruits can also help replace electrolytes and even preserve muscle!


So remember, keep it simple, keep it legal, and stay fueled with nature’s performance enhancers – healthy foods!


Until next time…



Rebecca J. Scritchfield, MA, RD, LD, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist is a leading nutrition and exercise expert for the metro Washington, D.C. area. She helps athletes and active people reach their full wellness potential through realistic approaches to behavior changes that fit their busy lives. Her motto “nothing changes until you do” exemplifies her belief in the power individuals already possess to realize their goals.


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